Monday, July 13, 2009

Ths is Lala

These are two dogs that ran into my office Mipham. The one on my right is Lala. He's a German Shephard Dog by breed and a real cool dog. He was born and bred in China. The Chinese ambassador had bro

ught him to Bangladesh . Yes. He belonged to an aristocratic Chinese family. Now when they were in Bngladesh they'd met with the Bhutanese ambassador to Bangladesh. He's now the Speaker of the National Assembly. When his time came to return back to Bhutan, the Chinese ambassador had gifted Lala to the Bhutanese ambassador. Lala was still a little pup then. Now he's become a handsome young dashing fella oll of three years old, which in dog years would be about the same age as you are right now. Funny, isn't it?
Now he's become a real Bhutanese dog. Eats everything, goes everywhere and does whatever he wants! Like barging into my office and forcing me to pose for a keepsake photo with him!

The other dog is one of those cute little pompous dogs. I don't know where he came from but supect it was Lala who lured him into the office. Lala's a real practical joker! Maybe you will see him when you come visit me next year.
I am so sorry i could not arrange it this time. I miss you bad mipham. Love. Papa
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