Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keep Rowing Your Boat

I'm saddened. Saddened by the fact that i try and keep a blog that connects me with my son. I check the blog and there's acomment from his mother.

She tells me"Your son would also like to see you here some time, in Holland, where all his friends live and where his life is...so his friends know he has a father who cares about him.."

I cannot blame her. You cannot blame an apple tree for being an apple tree. Neither can you blame anything in life that does not conform to your whims. I've always loved the cactus. The reason i love cacti is because they flower. The reason they flower for me is very simple: There's always hope as long as you keep the faith and the optimism.

Michael J Fox wrote a book called "Always Looking Up: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist." The book was a best seller. He then did a documentary based on the book. He chose one theme "Optimism" and why people have that in the face of adversity and obstacles. Mike chooses the Chicago White Sox baseball team for the fact that in a hundred years, they've never won theSuperbowl! Yet this is what keeps the sox's going. He chooses Lance Armstrong for the fact that Lance won the Tour De France a record seven times despite his testicular cancer. Lance now runs a foundation called "Armstong" much the same way Mike runs his foundation- to help and heal and perhaps one day find a cure for Parkinson's.
The third segment in the documentary is o Bhutan. Mike chose Bhutan for the simple reason that our government tackles development with happiness in mind.
Pretty deep you'd think and pretty pretty you'd think but the way Mike sees it is "Hell! Why the Heck Not!?"

Its better to aim for the stars because you just might land up on the moon.The documentary featured in a CBS special on the seventh of June this year. Check it out if you can. Its called "Michael J Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist."
I loved it.

But i was talking about my son and the kind of uncompromising situations my ex wife gets me into. Sometimes it gets so bad that you almost have a "death-wish." And I've been there too and i'mdefinitely not reenacting the thing all over again.
I'm saddened that people refuse to look beyond their hang-ups.
I'm saddened that the person suffering most in this particular scenario is my son.
I'm saddened that his mother gets personal with me.

Just because i don't like the color brown doesn't mean its a bad color.
In an ideal world, we'd all be living the dream. In an ideal world, we'd not have problems. In an ideal world, we'd have Utopian Insights.
But reality is reality and the Samsara in that reality makes you aspire...inspiring you to go figure....
Though i'm disturbed and saddened right now i knowi'll not succumb. I'll not quit on the faith, the belief and the guts that tells me, "Row Your Boat, Gently Down the Stream, Merrily, For Life Is But a Dream."

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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