Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moustache Pete

Hi Mipham,
This photo was taken sometime in September last year. It was in the orchard in Paro. September is also "Fall" or "Autumn." It is that time of the year when apples are ready for harvests: People pick the ripe apples, wrap them in papers (so that they stay fresh) and load them into crates (wooden boxes). They are then taken to places like Phuentsholing where buyers from countries such as India and Bangladesh come to buy the apples.

Angay Deki's orchard is not that big but neither is it small. The orchard gives her a yearly income of about 2 lacs (which is roughly about 3,500 Euros).

Prices go up and down depending on many things: somtimes the rains bring hailstorms (they are like little ice-cubes) and they break the apples. That is not good for the apples.

I posted this picture to show you the moustache i grew! I'd never done that before, well, not consciously at least! There were many factors that led me to grow a moustache: My Braun shaver burnt-out and i'm not a bag fan of razors!
It was fun anyways! I had the moustache for about four months (it took me three months to grow the size in the picture). Bhutanese people are genetically not too hairy. But the men do like to sport a "goatee" which is like the beard you see on goats, hence the name "goatee." Others sport slight moustaches; they'd love to have thick handle-bars like the south indians but well, yo'd have to be a south indian to sport moustches that big and thick!

There is a strange feeling having a moustache. I saw myself in a different light. I guess what it does it make you realise that you're a grown up adult/individual. That is a little scary because eveybody like to be free; no one like to be "responsible!"
But ts just a moustache. In the olden days, it was symbolic of a man's machoness. It is still popular among asians and south americans.
Some moustaches are so huge you can tie dumb-bells on them! There are people who pull trucks and lift heavy objects using their moustaches, beards, goatees et al.
Its a funny thing!


Anonymous said...

hi..i want to tell you that your pieces about/to/for your son are stirring...you shdnt delete your blogs...someday Mipham will be old enough to read..comprehend your thoughts and maybeeee understand his unconventional father....cheers

JurmiChhowing "IamDrukpa" said...

Thanks SO MUCH anonymous!
That Was My Intention! Hopefully It Will Make Us ConnecT!

gazome said...

Dearest Mipham.

This is ashey gazome.
Just want to let you know that we miss you a lot and can't wait to see you again. Hope you are doing fine.
take care.
love you very much.

rinche said...

My dearest Mipham,

Lover you and miss you very very much.

Anonymous said...

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