Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Misty Road Lives,
It Winds And Tells You Stories,
If You Will Listen...

The Monsoons Are Fresh,
Raindrops They Take Me Places,
Showering Secrets!

We Are All Poets,
Though We Loot, Plunder and Steal,
We Are Still Poets.

The Women I Love,
Come In Lovely Disguises,
How They Torture Me!

Loneliness My Friend,
Why Are You Always With Me?
Go See Some Body!

The Monsoons Are Dry,
Yet We Know That It Will Rain;
That Is Refreshing!

Don't Give Up On Me,
Life Works In Mysterious Ways,
SomeDay You Will See...

You Called Me Jurmi,
And We Used To Hang About,
It Was All Good Fun!
Though I Miss You Bad,
I Remember Times We Had,
You Are a Good Lad!

Even If i Die,
Life Around Me Will Flourish,
Now That Is Living!

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