Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haikus Within And Without

This Is My Sorry;
This Is My Story,
I Want To Be Gone,
And Follow The Forest Monks; The Elders That Tread The Path.

I Can Learn No More; The World's Been Enough:-
Old Path And White Clouds Beckon...
And I Must Heed The Calling...
And Face All My Fears!

Many Moons Back In Time,
Glistened And Glowed Tempting Me;
The Trap Killed Many.

It Drove Me To Books,
Fancy Imaginations!
Life Alternative; A Customized Life.

Riches Of The World,
The Mind Cannot Comprehend,
Hence Ceaseless Questions!

Sights Of Mendicants,
We Compare With Our Own World;
Thus We Throw Cheap Alms.

Man's Will To Reveal,
Is What Brings Us Our Ordeal;
Time And Time Again!

Today I Got Up,
Brushing My Needs Selfishly;
Forgetting Others.

Compassionate Seeds!
Bud And Bloom When Without You;
From Within Your Soul.

The Masters' Message,
Be Aware And Be Mindful;
The Living Moments.

Logic Cannot Feel,
Rationality Limits;
Listen To The Gut!

What Was Your Real Face?
Before You Came To This Life?
Your True Nature Calls;

Everything We See,
Is Revealingly-Naked!
Opaqueness Restricts.

Everything We Hear,
Sends Us Songs Of Inner Truth;
Listen Carefully!

Everything We Touch,
Is Teaching Us Shunyata;
Form And Emptiness.

Everything We Feel,
Like Waves And Tides Of Oceans;
Web And Ebb And Flow; Knowing That Is So,
Brings Us Immediate Calm;

I Must Learn To Breathe.

And Co-Inter-Dependence;
Is The Wheel Of Life,
Is The Life-Cycle,
Is The Realm Of Men,
Is What Drives The World;

This- If Understood,
Will Alight The Darkness Within;
Displaying Rainbows!

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