Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dear M,

You Are Nine Today!
My Dearest Mipham,
A Jolly-Good-Happy-Birthday!
May You Live Kindly...Happily...And May You Stay Forever Young...
And Keep Your Sketching Heart,
Even If The Paint Should Peel Off;
Keep Sketching Your Art!

Traveling Nowhere;
I Was So Much Older Then;
I'm Younger Than That Now.
Having Said My Bit;
Thank You For The Memories...
Those I'll Cherish,
Bite In And Relish;
When I Board Amnesia!

This Constant Drumming,
That Would Have You Explaining;
Until You Explode!

Throw Away That Tie!
Unbuckle And Abandon Those Attachments!
And Just Try And Be...
I'm Telling You,
There Is Nothing Left To Tell;
Or Communicate!

The Meaning Of What?
When From Dusk Till Dawn You Breathe;
And Forget You Live!

Everything Is Quiet,
A Lone Crow Now Caws Far Away;
My Mind Makes More Noise!

Our Lives Miracles,
See The Surroundings Around?
Here Is All We Have.

Do Not Cuss The Cub,
It Could Become A Tiger;
Old Mongol Saying...

The Story Of Genghis,
While He Was Still Temudjin;
Lord Of The Steppes...

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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